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Resource 1.1: The Link Between Subgroups of Bi/Multilingual Learners and Assessment

Resource 1.2: Categorizing Terminology: References to Students, Languages, Teachers, and Programs

Resource 2.1: Conducting an Assessment Audit for Multilingual Learners

Resource 2.2: Collecting Language Samples in Multiple Languages as Part of the Enrollment Process

Resource 2.3: Planning the Flow of Assessment Data for Multilingual Learners Throughout the School Year

Resource 2.4: Gathering Information on Multilingual Learners for Planning Assessment in Multiple Languages

Resource 2.5: Thinking About Assessment as, for, and of Learning

Resource 3.1: A Rating Scale: Integrating Assessment into Curriculum Design for Multilingual Learners

Resource 3.2: Planning Assessment in Multiple Languages for a Unit of Learning

Resource 3.3: A Rating Scale for Planning Common Assessment in Multiple Languages

Resource 3.4: A Checklist for Planning Common Assessment in Multiple Languages

Resource 3:5: Planning Multilingual Portfolios to Represent Assessment as, for, or of Learning

Resource 4.1: Creating a Theory of Action Tool for Assessment in Multiple Languages

Resource 4.2: Using Images in Collecting Common Assessment Data

Resource 4.3: Using Multiliteracies and Multimodal Resources in Assessment as, for, and of Learning

Resource 4.4: A Checklist for Co-planning Data Collection in Multiple Languages

Resource 4.5: Adding Multimodal Communication Channels to Common Assessment

Resource 4.6: Collecting Initial Common Assessment Data (for Students in Grade 3 and Beyond)

Resource 4.7: Assessment Portfolio Considerations

Resource 5.1: Interpreting Classroom, Interim/Common, and Annual Data by Assessment Approach

Resource 5.2: Collecting, Recording, and Interpreting Information on Multilingual Learners’ Languages and Literacies in Content-Based Assessment

Resource 5.3: A Checklist of Descriptors for Common Assessment

Resource 5.4: Ideas for Multilingual Projects for Common Assessment, Standards, and Criteria for Success

Resources 5.5: Annotating Multilingual Learners’ Use of Multiple Languages Across Three Dimensions

Resources 6.1: Designing an Equitable Assessment Framework for Multilingual Learners

Resource 6.2: Evaluating Assessment-Capable Classrooms, Schools, and Districts

Resource 6.3: Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Assessment and Reporting of Data: A Rating Scale

Resource 6.4: Student-Centered Rubrics

Resource 6.5: Reporting Results From Measures of Assessment of Learning

Resource 6.6: Principles for Grading Multilingual Learners

Resource 7.1: Taking Action Based on Assessment Results in Multiple Languages

Resource 7.2: Determining Priorities in Assessing in Multiple Languages

Resource 7.3: Planning a Student-Led Conference Supported by a Teacher and a Family Member

Resource 7.4: A Learning System Centering on Multilingual Learners


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