Facilitation Notes

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Each chapter in Shared Leadership that contains a meeting agenda for working with the Guiding Coalition (GC) includes general Agenda Notes.  The highly detailed facilitation notes offered here are provided for principals who desire more background support for planning and facilitating professional learning with their teacher leaders.  As with all aspects of the book, please use your knowledge of your own school and your teacher leaders in selecting and using what is most timely and appropriate for your development of shared leadership.

Chapter 4: Getting Started

Chapter 6: More Best Practice Meeting Routines, Essential  Learnings and Common Assessments

Chapter 7: Mission, Vision, Collective Commitments

Chapter 10: Student Work Protocol

Chapter 11: Student-Based Protocol

Chapter 12: Planning-Problem Solving Protocol

Chapter 13: Goal Setting and SMARTe Goals

Chapter 15: Student Interventions

Chapter 16: Working With Challenging Individuals

Chapter 17: Leading as Optimizers and Affirmers for Collective Efficacy