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p. xix (Website) Want Proof That the PLC Process Is Working for Others and Can Work for You Too?

p. 89 (pdf) The Balanced Leadership Framework: Connecting Vision With Action (2007) by Tim Waters and Greg Cameron

p. 109 (Video) Tuning Protocol: Fine Tuning Our Classroom Practice With Presenting Teacher Donn Cushing

p. 109 (Video) Tuning Protocol: Fine Tuning Our Classroom Practice With Presenting Teacher Gareth Richards

p. 119 (Video) Student-Based Protocol

p. 119 (Video) Elementary Math Data Protocol

p. 146 (Article) Stealthy Interventions (2015) by Terry Wilhelm

p. 162 (Article) We’re Already a “Good” School – Why Do We Have to Improve? (2007) by Richard DuFour

p. 164 (Article) Teachers vs. Administrators: Ending the Adversarial Relationship (2013) by Terry Wilhelm

For Further Reading

(Article) Sharing Leadership in PD Best Practices (2015) by Terry Wilhelm

(pdf) Making a Difference, One Child at a Time (2009) by Terry Wilhelm

Professional Reading Protocols in a PD Setting – Six-part series

In shared leadership, Guiding Coalition (GC) members should begin to assume responsibility for learning and presenting strategies like these, first to the GC, then applying them during professional reading with the whole staff.  Teacher leaders unused to providing professional development for colleagues may be more comfortable presenting as partners rather than solo.

Facilitated reading and discussion of professional material is an excellent method for a principal to use for building shared knowledge among staff members for continuous instructional improvement. Each approach to reading and sharing out has different advantages and disadvantages. Choose among them, based on your staff’s readiness, and the nature of the material. In this six-part series, the strategies presented include: