Final Manuscript Submission

The sample provided at the link below illustrates how to use spacing and formatting to prepare your final manuscript for Corwin. The goal is to simply communicate to us what the various elements of your manuscript are so that we can easily prepare it for the production process.

File Sample Excerpt from Properly Formatted Manuscript.docx

Guidelines for Formatting Your Chapters

  • Use Times or Times New Roman, font size 10 to 12 points
  • Do not justify the text.
  • Single- or double-spacing is acceptable.
  • Be sure that the difference between head levels is visually indicated.
  • Do not use decorative type and embellishments. A simple presentation is best. Employ a few basic formatting features (italic, boldface, capitalization) to indicate heading levels, direct quotes, and placement of graphics and other special material (such as boxed text).
  • Do not use text boxes in the main text of your book. Instead, use call-outs to indicate special treatments such as boxed text, pull quotes, side bars, etc.
  • Using text boxes in figures (such as graphic organizers) is acceptable.
  • Tables, figures, and diagrams created in Word may be left in the main manuscript file. They do not need to be placed in separate files, but you may submit them as separate files if you prefer.

Guidelines for Photos, Student Work, and Other Image Files

  • Figures, tables, illustrations, photographs, etc., created outside of Word may be pasted into the main manuscript files for placement purposes. However, you must provide separate, high resolution files (at least 900 pixels) for these items. For directions on how to determine the resolution of an imageFile How to Assess the Resolution of an Image.docx
  • Provide high resolution EPS, JPG, or TIFF files for all art such as photographs, student work, clip art, icons, etc. Number and label each file and indicate in the manuscript exactly where each item should appear. Do not submit files that have been extracted from Word documents as Word automatically decreases the resolution in graphics files to the minimum required for onscreen viewing.
  • For photographs, you also have the option of submitting hard copy photos. Although we do not publish color photos in our books, submission of color photos or scans is preferred when possible. This allows us greater flexibility in adjusting the images during the production process.
  • We will do our best to adjust the photo images for maximum quality in the final printed book, but there are limits to the improvements we can make.
  • If you plan to include student work or student artwork, please send high resolution images for evaluation by our art department when you submit your draft manuscript.

Sending Corwin Your Final Manuscript

  • Review the Final Manuscript Submission Checklist. File Final Manuscript Submission Checklist.docx
  • Submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word. The text of your manuscript may be submitted in one Word file or as individual chapter files. Please check with your editorial team, as they may have a preference. Label each file with the lead author’s last name and contents (“Smith - Chapter 1”).
  • All chapters and other material may be emailed to your editorial team (in multiple emails, if necessary). If your files are very large, you are welcome to use a website like Dropbox or
  • Now that you’ve sent in your manuscript, for more about what comes next in the marketing process click the link below.

File Marketing Guidelines.docx