Top 10 Tips for Preparing Your Manuscript

These are just a few of the key tips we hope you’ll keep in mind as you work on your book project. Don’t worry if some of this seems unfamiliar to you; as you read through this website, you’ll learn more about all of the topics described below.

  1. Submit your manuscript by the due date established in your author contract. We are always happy to receive early submissions!
  2. Adhere to the word count or page count established in your contract. If you find that the length of your manuscript begins to deviate from what is specified in the contract, discuss next steps with your acquisitions editor as soon as possible.
  3. Develop a well-written preface that grabs the attention of the reader and explains the key features of your book.
  4. Include headings and subheadings in your manuscript as signposts for the reader.
  5. Create a detailed table of contents with chapter headings, subheadings, and other relevant sections of your manuscript.
  6. Develop practical tools and features in your manuscript, so practitioners can put the information in your book to immediate use in their everyday practice.
  7. Submit a draft permissions log when you submit your draft manuscript.
  8. Begin requesting any necessary permissions as soon as your draft log has been reviewed by your Editorial Assistant.
  9. Submit an updated permissions log and all corresponding permissions with your final manuscript submission.
  10. Provide separate, high resolution files for all photographs, illustrations, and other art in your manuscript.