Chapter 1

Figure 1.1Cultural, Linguistic, and Academic Profile for… (blank version)

Figure 1.2An EL Profile-at-a-Glance (blank version)

Video 1.1Student Benefits

Video 1.2Teacher Commitment

Video 1.3Supporting Teachers

Chapter 2

Figure 2.1Co-Teaching Interest Inventory

Figure 2.4Unit Planning Template

Figure 2.5Co-Planning Form for Classroom and ELD/ESL Instruction: A Week-at-a-Glance Tool

Figure 2.6Co-Teaching for ELs – A Weekly Planning Template

Figure 2.7Daily Lesson Planning Template

Figure 2.8Daily Co-Teaching Lesson plan for Role Definition

Video 2.1The Co-Planning Process

Video 2.2Collaborative Planning Tips

Video 2.3Successes and Challenges

Chapter 3

Video 3.1Model 1 – One Group: One Leads, One “Teaches on Purpose”

Video 3.2Co-Teaching Reflections: Amy and Danielle

Chapter 4

Figure 4.1Scaffolded Opinion Chart

Video 4.1Model 2 – One Group: Two Teach the Same Content

Chapter 5

Figure 5.1General Observation of Learning Progress for ELs

Figure 5.2Rubric for Student Engagement in Cooperative Learning Groups

Figure 5.3Sample Generic Checklists (blank version)

Figure 5.4Monday-Friday Anecdotal Notes (blank version)

Figure 5.6ELA Specific Checklist Based on the ReadyGen Curriculum

Video 5.1Model 3 – One Group: One Teaches, One Assesses

Chapter 6

Figure 6.4Text Analysis Grid

Figure 6.5Scaffolded Graphic Organizer for Persuasive Writing (blank version)

Video 6.1Model 4 – Two Groups: Two Teach Same Content

Video 6.2Co-Teaching Reflections: Joel and Lia

Chapter 7

Figure 7.1A-Z List

Figure 7.3An Anticipation Guide Template

Figure 7.5I-SEE Strategy

Figure 7.6Word-Analysis Frame (blank version)

Figure 7.7Sample Sentence Frames

Video 7.1Model 5 – Two Groups: One Preteaches, One Teaches Alternative Information

Chapter 8

Figure 8.5Structured Note-Taking Template

Figure 8.6Writing Organizer

Figure 8.7Storyboarding

Video 8.1Model 6 – Two Groups: One Reteaches, One Teaches Alternative Information

Video 8.2Co-Teaching Reflections: Danielle and Nicole

Chapter 9

Figure 9.1Self- and Peer-Rating Form

Figure 9.2Guiding Reading Record

Figure 9.5Observe/Predict/Conclude

Figure 9.6Propaganda Poster Mark Up

Video 9.1Model 7 – Multiple Groups: Two Monitor/Teach

Video 9.2Co-Teaching Reflections: Kerry and Bernadette

Chapter 10

Figure 10.3Weekly Goal Setting

Figure 10.4Vocabulary Self-Assessment Tool

Figure 10.6A Five-Step Protocol for Co-Assessment of Student Learning

Video 10.1Collaborative Assessment

Chapter 11

Figure 11.3Co-Teaching: Preferences and Teaching Personalities

Figure 11.6Co-Teacher Reflections based on the Principles of Deliberate Optimism

Figure 11.9A Co-Teaching Self-Assessment Checklist During Early Implementation

Figure 11.10A Co-Teaching Self-Assessment Checklist During Continuous Implementation

Figure 11.11The DELIVER Tool

Figure 11.12I-TELL Observation Tool

Figure 11.14Peer Observation and Coaching Conference Form (Modified Noticing and Wondering)

Video 11.1Reflection: Improving Collaborative Practice

Video 11.2Co-Teaching: The Instructional Cycle