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Lesson 1

Two resources that lift my spirits are Monday Hearts http://mondayheartsformadalene.com/

for Madeline and Morning Altars https://www.morningaltars.com/  I love being inspired by nature and this impermanent art helps me to create and enjoy being outside. Taking a walk outside and seeing the earth as a place to create art is a beautiful activity.

Lesson 2

I was in an arboretum gift shop after a walk in the gardens and this book and Living Life in Full Bloom captured my attention with its colorful cover and message. I have been inspired by Murray’s message that we nurture our lives in tune with the living earth. https://www.elizabethmurray.com/

Mudras for Modern Life  by Swami Saradananda offers yoga for your hands and good health. I enjoy creating shapes with my hands and using this to enhance my meditation. https://www.amazon.com/Mudras-Modern-Life-re-energize-meditation/dp/1780289987

Lesson 3

Daily Om: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day jumped off the shelf when I was perusing books in a bookstore. I often read passages to my yoga students at the end of class to transition our practices on the mat to our lives off the mat. Madisyn also offers other inspirational resources https://www.dailyom.com/misc/mt.html.

The Self-Care Prescription by Robyn L. Gobin also provides many powerful solutions to managing stress and increasing well-being. https://www.robyngobin.com/

Lesson 4

Ridiculously Amazing Schools: Creating a Culture Where Everyone Thrives came to me by accident. https://www.amazon.com/Ridiculously-Amazing-Schools-Creating-Everyone/dp/1951591003. A former student teacher recently introduced me to Tracey Smith, https://www.eschoolnews.com/2018/06/07/10-ways-we-made-our-school-happier/ and I was so inspired I read the book in one day! Co-author, Jeff Waller, offers many free resources here. https://7mindsets.com/author/jeffwaller/

Lesson 5

I learned about energy work when I visited an acupuncturist for a chronic pain and she suggested I practice qi gong. I completed a Qigong Level I training class using the curriculum developed by Master Chunyi Lin. https://www.springforestqigong.com/.  I later discovered Jeffrey Chand https://www.qigongforvitality.com/about/  and I use his short routines regularly. When I feel sluggish I stand up and raise my hands over my head and intentionally pull down some energy from the sky.

Lesson 6

I learned about feng shui years ago and applied the principles in my classroom, my office, and my home. The decluttering processes in Kingston’s books https://www.karenkingston.com/

and the Western Guide to Feng Shui http://westernschooloffengshui.com/  by Terah Kathryn Collins still guide me today. Being organized is important to me as a teacher and a writer. Nicole Gabai helped me make sense of my space and to prioritize my goals. She helped me to see how my space could be beautiful and functional. http://www.b-organized.net/about-nicole/

Lesson 7

What we eat, how we eat, and when we eat relates to our physical and mental health. Two of my favorite cook books are The Mystic Cookbook by Denise Linn https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13587533-the-mystic-cookbook

and a recent new find The Lotus Kitchen by Skip Jennings. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26268658-the-lotus-kitchen

These books bring an artistic flair to cooking and presenting meals in unique ways.

Lesson 8

I first met Megha https://www.letyouryogadance.com/ at a yoga weekend retreat which was part of my Kind Yoga teacher training program with Diane Kovanda https://kindyoga.com/. These powerful and inspiring women offer us kindness, joy, gratitude, and inspiration.

Lesson 9

Maria Clark’s work offers us an opportunity to realize our life’s purpose and dream big. I completed her  Sweet Dreams Project and now you see the result of one of my dreams in this book! https://www.inspiredideas.me/the-sweet-dreams-project.  Cameron Marzelli’s resources, offered on her website, focus our attention and intention on what is most meaningful to us. http://www.stillwoman.com/

Lesson 10

I wrote Mindful Living: Art and Affirmations to Nourish Your Soul and Mindful Mentoring: A Guide for Mentors and Mentees because I wanted to share mindfulness with teachers and other audiences. These colorful journals offer us a place to reflect and integrate positive energy into our daily lives so we can bring the best version of ourselves to our work. http://mentoringinaction.com/books/