Instructional Coaches’ Toolkit

Strategies for Enrolling Teachers

  Are You Interested?

  Coaching Planning Form

Data-Gathering Tools

  Engagement Form

  Instructional vs. Non-Instructional Time

  Teacher vs. Student Talk

  Consistent Corrections Chart

  Question Chart

Instructional Playbook

  Checklist: Effective Guiding Questions

  Checklist: Learning Map

  Checklist: Creating Learning Maps

  Checklist: Introducing the Learning Map and Guiding Questions

  Checklist: Daily Use of the Learning Map and Guiding Questions

  Checklist: End-of-Unit Review With Learning Map and Guiding Questions

  Checklist: Specific Proficiency

  Checklist: Quality Assessment

  Checklist: Using Assessments Effectively

  Checklist: Revisiting and Refining the Assessments

  Checklist: Effective Thinking Prompts

  Checklist: Creating a Safe Environment for Classroom Discussion

  Checklist: Using Questions Effectively With Students

  Checklist: Brainstorming

  Checklist: Affinity Diagram

  Checklist: Labovitch’s Three-Fold Method of Analysis

  Checklist: Nominal Group Technique

  Checklist: Open Space

  Checklist: Purposes for Stories

  Checklist: Effective Stories

  Checklist: Telling Stories

  Checklist: Cooperative Learning Success Factors

  Checklist: Turn-To-Your-Neighbor

  Checklist: Think, Pair, Share

  Checklist: Jigsaw

  Checklist: Value Line

  Checklist: Round Table

  Checklist: Creating Learner-Friendly Cultures

  Learner-Friendly Environment Survey

  Checklist: Power With

  Checklist: Demonstrating Empathy

  Checklist: Creating and Teaching Expectations

  Checklist: Act, Talk, Move Expectations

  Checklist: Fluent Corrections

Strategies for Assessing Student Attitude

  Attitude Surveys

    Engagement (Emoji)


    Openness (Emoji)


    Safety (Emoji)


    Happiness (Emoji)


    Positivity (Emoji)


    Hope (Emoji)


    Value (Emoji)


    Meaning (Emoji)