Chapter 1: Science Learning Made Visible

Video 1.1: Visible Learning Defined

Video 1.2: Balancing Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning

Video 1.3: Finding the Right Amount of Rigor

Video 1.4: Student Engagement Through Active Learning

Video 1.5: Making Meaning of Science Learning

Video 1.6: Discussion in the Science Classroom

Video 1.7: Making Learning Clear for Students

Chapter 2: Science Surface learning Made Visible

Video 2.1: Learning Progressions That Support Teaching and Learning

Video 2.2: The SOLO Taxonomy

Video 2.3: Making Science Surface Learning Visible

Chapter 3: Science Deep Learning Made Visible

Video 3.1: Confirming Learners Are Ready for Deep and Transfer Learning

Video 3.2: Learning Intentions

Video 3.3: Effective Feedback

Chapter 4: Science Transfer Learning Made Visible

Video 4.1: Students as Their Own Teachers

Video 4.2: Tasks with Rigor

Video 4.3: Transferring Scientific Processes to Science Learning

Chapter 5: Science Learning made Visible Through Evaluation

Video 5.1: Determining Your Impact

Video 5.2: Continual Assessment

Video 5.3: The Role of Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Science 

Video 5.4: Clarity in the Classroom