Chapter 4: Conduct Workshops

This chapter provides an outline and agenda for two workshops: One-Day Team Training Workshop and End- of-Year Celebration. The workshops may be conducted by district facilitators for partnerships who prepare many (or all) schools’ ATPs to plan and implement their partnership programs; by school leaders who guide their own school’s ATP; or by others who provide schools with professional development on partnerships. The workshops are important professional development activities. Information in Chapter 4 guides leaders to use the PowerPoint presentation and activities on the Handbook CD to conduct a successful One-Day Team-Training Workshop.

The CD includes the following information and tools from Chapter 4.

One-Day Team-Training Workshop—Sample Agenda

CD 4_1

CD 4_1s (Spanish)

Handbook p. 118

Plan a One-Day Team Training Workshop for school-based ATPs. This agenda outlines the segments of the work- shop to introduce ATPs to the research base for organizing a partnership program. The workshop provides attend- ees with a common vocabulary and helps educators, parents, and other team members see that they can work together to plan a year-long program of family and community involvement. Chapter 4 provides details for con- ducting each segment on the agenda: understanding a framework of six types of involvement, meeting challenges to reach all families, reaching results for students; organizing an ATP, and writing a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships.

End-of-Year Celebration Workshop—Sample Agenda

CD 4_2

Handbook pp. 141–143

Conduct an End-of-Year Celebration Workshop for action teams to share best practices and solve challenges. This workshop reinforces the importance of writing plans each year to continually improve school-based part- nership programs.