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This book provides teachers with a 7-Step Model for improving students’ executive function skills in the areas of working memory; prioritizing; organizing; sequencing; managing time; planning, attending, initiating and focusing; communicating; inhibiting; and cognitive flexibility/shifting.

The authors use authentic snapshots to describe executive function deficits and include teaching and learning strategies to address students’ learning and behavior challenges. Strategies are accompanied by directions for using record-keeping templates to track student progress, and student strategy cards are included in the book and are downloadable from a website. Each learning strategy is coded with the executive function addressed and the age level. In addition, “Think Abouts” are included at the end of each chapter with sample answers provided in the Appendix. The authors address issues such as how to implement a program that addresses executive functions and include the what, why, and how for you to determine the best way to offer this program in your situation. The book is written in a clear, concise manner, is rich in content, evidence-based in practice, written through the lens of the practitioner, and can be immediately implemented in the classroom.