Grenier: Successful Early Years Ofsted Inspections 2e

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Chapter 5: Effectiveness of leadership and management


Further Reading

YouTube Videos

What does 'cultural capital' mean for early years?

Wendy Ratcliff, Her Majesty's Inspector, Early Years Policy, explains how 'cultural capital' applies to early years and gives children the knowledge and skills to prepare them for future success. 

How do I register as an early years provider?

Gill Jones, Deputy Director, Early Education, and Emma Exton, Deputy Director, Operations, explain the process for registering as an early years provider.

What do I need to tell you?

Dee Coleman, Principal Officer, Early Years, and Julie-Ann Morris, Senior Manager, Early Years, explain what a registered early years provider needs to tell us about. 

What happens on early years inspection?

Wendy Ratcliff HMI explains why you should not do something different in your setting just because you think it is what the inspector wants to see. 

What happens if someone complains about me?

Martin Williams, Principal Officer, Operations, and Penny Fisher, Early Years Senior HMI, explain what their teams do when we receive information about an early years provider.