Author's Role in Marketing

Why You Are Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

You are the subject matter expert. Your research and experience are what make all of your content—books, lectures, videos—valuable to your market. Today, you can’t just write stellar content. Modern communications and marketing, especially social media, have changed the customer/subject matter expert relationship. Your audience now associates you with your work, and they expect to be able to engage with you, beyond the book. The person who can best represent you, have the most influence on an audience, will lend the most authority to a topic,

The Corwin marketing department is here to do much of the heavy lifting. Over the past year, we’ve met some significant goals and milestones with our social strategy and are committed to integrating new tactics to reach and connect with audiences. This site explains the many ways the Corwin Marketing Team works to help promote your products; it also illustrates tactical instructions on how you could complement our efforts to build your personal brand. We will share what we learn about new marketing communication trends. Bookmark this site and check in regularly for tutorials, training, and success stories.

What You Can Do to Self Promote