Figure 1.2.  The Relationship Between Visible Teaching and Visible Learning

Figure 1.3.  High-Impact Literacy Approaches at Each Phase of Learning

Figure 1.4.  Lesson Plan Template

Figure 2.1.  Understanding Expectations in Standards

Figure 2.2.  Lesson Plan for Seventh-Grade Organization in Writing

Figure 2.3.  Lesson Plan for Eleventh-Grade English

Figure 2.4.  Lesson Plan for Year 10 Success Criteria

Figure 3.1.  Lesson Plan for Year 10 Using Texts in Context

Figure 3.2.  Questions About Direct Instruction in Your Lessons

Figure 3.3.  Design a Think-Aloud

Figure 3.4.  Lesson Plan for Seventh Grade Inferring the Affect of Settings on Characters Using Multiple Clues

Figure 3.5.  Student Think-Aloud Checklist

Figure 3.6.  Lesson Plan for Student Think-Alouds

Figure 3.7.  Funneling and Focusing Questions

Figure 4.1.  Anticipation Guide for Holocaust Interdisciplinary Unit

Figure 4.2.  Lesson Plan for Opinion Stations in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Figure 4.3.  Characteristics of Close Reading in Upper Grades

Figure 4.4.  Lesson Plan for Anthem by Ayn Rand

Figure 4.5.  Scaffolded Reading Lesson for “Charles” by Shirley Jackson

Figure 5.1.  Template for Notes for Conversation Roundtable

Figure 5.2.  Taxonomy of Questions

Figure 5.3.  Lesson Plan for Eleventh Grade Using a Fishbowl Technique

Figure 5.4.  Lesson Plan for Seventh Grade Using a Gallery Walk

Figure 5.5.  Five-Day Instructional Plan for Readers Theatre

Figure 5.6.  Reciprocal Teaching Note-Taking Guide

Figure 5.7.  Lesson Plan for Year 10 Using Reciprocal Teaching

Figure 6.1.  Relationship Between Achievement and Outside Reading

Figure 6.2.  Flow

Figure 6.3.  Norms for Reading Fluency (in words correct per minute)

Figure 6.4.  Eleventh-Grade Lesson Plan for Building Knowledge for Hamlet Unit

Figure 6.5.  Seventh-Grade Weekly Lesson Plan for Self-Corrected Grammar

Figure 6.10.  Lesson Plan for Year 10 Using Metacognitive Strategies

Figure 7.1.  Informal Reading Inventories

Figure 7.2.  Stages of Spelling Development