Leader's Guide Resources

Figure 1.1.pdf - Creating an English Language Learner Profile: A Checklist for Teachers and School Adminstrators

Figure 1.2.pdf - An ELL Profile-at-a-Glance Form

Box 2.1.pdf - A Checklist for Collaborative Decision Making

Table 2.3.pdf - Opportunities for Instructional Collaborations

Table 3.1.pdf - What Is ESL Curriculum Planning?

Table 4.1.pdf - Seven Co-Teaching Models

Figure 4.2.pdf - Reflective Practice for Collaborative Endeavors

Figure 4.3.pdf - A Standard-Based Co-Planning Template

Figure 4.4.pdf - I-TELL Observation Tool

Table 5.1.pdf - Framework for Ongoing Collaboration

Box 7.1.pdf - Assessing an Integrated, Collaborative Model to Serve Diverse Learners

Figure 7.1.pdf - A Collaborative Approach to Serving ELLs