Chapter 1. Make Learning Visible in Mathematics

Video 1.1. What Is Visible Learning for Mathematics?

Video 1.2. Balancing Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning


Chapter 2. Making Learning Visible Starts With Teacher Clarity

Video 2.1. Learning Intentions in the Elementary Classroom

Video 2.2. Learning Intentions in the Secondary Classroom

Video 2.3. Achieving Teacher Clarity With Success Criteria

Video 2.4. Continual Assessment for Daily Planning


Chapter 3. Mathematical Tasks and Talk That Guide Learning

Video 3.1. What We Mean by Tasks With Rigor

Video 3.2. Questioning That Guides Learning

Video 3.3. Student Discourse That Builds Understanding


Chapter 4. Surface Mathematics Learning Made Visible

Video 4.1. Surface Mathematics Learning: Connecting Conceptual Exploration to Procedures and Skills

Video 4.2. Number Talks for Surface Learning

Video 4.3. Guided Questioning for Surface Learning

Video 4.4. Direct Instruction: The Right Dose at the Right Time

Video 4.5. Vocabulary Instruction to Solidify Surface Learning


Chapter 5. Deep Mathematics Learning Made Visible

Video 5.1. Deep Learning: Applying Understanding to Mathematical Situations

Video 5.2. Student Collaboration and Discourse for Deep Learning

Video 5.3. Grouping Strategies for Deep Learning


Chapter 6. Making Mathematics Learning Visible Through Transfer Learning

Video 6.1. Teaching for Transfer Learning

Video 6.2. Transferring Learning to Real-World Situations


Chapter 7. Assessment, Feedback, and Meeting the Needs of All Learners

Video 7.1. Continual Assessment for Precision Teaching

Video 7.2. Feedback That Fosters Learning

Video 7.3. Feedback That Fosters Perseverance

Video 7.4. Growth Mindset: The Students’ Perspective