Chapter 1. Laying the Groundwork for Visible Learning for Literacy

Video 1.1   Teacher–Student Relationships That Impact Learning

Video 1.2   Making Learning Visible With Teacher Clarity and Expectations

Video 1.3   Making Learning Visible Through Learning Intentions

Video 1.4   Making Success Criteria Visible: Writing an Introduction


Chapter 2. Surface Literacy Learning

Video 2.1   Direct Instruction: Punctuating Dialogue

Video 2.2   Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning: Kindergarten

Video 2.3   Having Successful Collaborative Conversations


Chapter 3. Deep Literacy Learning

Video 3.1   Deeper Learning

Video 3.2   Questioning for Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning

Video 3.3   Reciprocal Teaching: Predict and Question

Video 3.4   Teacher Feedback That Labels Students’ Actions


Chapter 4. Teaching Literacy for Transfer

Video 4.1   Teaching for Transfer

Video 4.2   Peer Tutoring: Writing

Video 4.3   Reading Across Documents Collaboratively With Teacher Feedback

Video 4.4   Providing Teacher and Peer Feedback


Chapter 5. Determining Impact, Responding When the Impact Is Insufficient, and Knowing What Does Not Work

Video 5.1   Visible Literacy Through Success Criteria

Video 5.2   Evaluating Your Impact Through Assessment

Video 5.3   Assessment and Needs-Based Grouping

Video 5.4   Visible Learning: Three Keys