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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the companion website for the second edition of Quality Questioning. Please select the chapter and link below for the desired video.

Chapter 1. Setting the Stage: What Is Quality Questioning? 

Video 1.1 Overview of 6Ps Framework for Quality Questioning

Video 1.2 The Relationship of Quality Questioning to Student Learning

Chapter 2. Prepare the Question: What Are the Distinguishing Features of Quality Questions?

Video 2.1 Developing First Graders’ Metacognitive Awareness

Video 2.2 Preparing Questions That Are Relevant

Video 2.3 Preparing Questions That Help Students Make Connections

Video 2.4 Quality Questions Result From Teacher Planning

Chapter 3. Present the Question: How Can Teachers Engage All Students in Thinking and Responding?

Video 3.1 Beliefs and Expectations That Support Learning by All

Video 3.2 Quizizz: Using Technology for Pre-Assessment 

Video 3.3 Ink Think: A Collaborative Response Structure 

Video 3.4 Fishbowl: A Structure for Thoughtful Discussion 

Video 3.5 Think Time 1: Intentional and Continual Focus 

Video 3.6 Collaborative Learning Through Student Discussion

Chapter 4. Prompt Student Thinking: How Can Teachers Assist Students in Making Connections?

Video 4.1 Benefits of Think Times to Special Needs Populations

Video 4.2 Think Time 2: Student Perspectives

Video 4.3 Scaffolding by Teacher and Peers

Chapter 5. Process Responses: How Can Teachers Use Feedback to Deepen Student Thinking and Learning?

Video 5.1 Formative Assessment and Feedback

Video 5.2 Teacher Use of Formative Feedback: Collaborative Planning

Video 5.3 Discussion: Shared Responsibility for Learning

Video 5.4 Discussion to Deepen Understanding: Surface Knowledge Is Prerequisite

Chapter 6. Polish Questioning Practices: How Can Ongoing Reflection and Dialogue About Classroom Questioning Improve Teaching and Learning? 

Video 6.1 Creating Questions That Work: Collaborative Planning and Reflection

Video 6.2 Partnering With Students: Using Videotaping to Support Reflection