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"How can we inspire reading and critical thinking in a time of widespread student distraction and disengagement? Berit Gordon helps bridge the gap between theory and action with classroom-friendly strategies that work. Test them out, and like me, you may find your students begging for more time to read." 

Jessica Miller, English Teacher and Literacy Coach
Keenan High School, Columbia, South Carolina

Study Guide


Questions for Roundtable Discussions

Round Table Discussion Scoresheet

Reader’s Notebook Rubric

Paired Talk Note-Taking Sheet

Independent Reading: Expectations for When You Talk to Your Teacher


Resource 1 – Our Book Reviews: Sample Assignment for Sharing Choice Books

Resource 2 – Technology Integration Ideas to Support Choice Reading

Resource 3 – My Reading Goals: Student Sample

Resource 4 – Bookmark Calendar Template

Resource 5 – Sample Grade 10 Unit Plan: The Scarlett Letter

Resource 6 – Unit Planning Template

Resource 7 – Sample Grade 8 Unit Plan: The Outsiders

Resource 8 – Sample Grade 11 Unit Plan: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

Resource 9 – Reading Notebook Prompts: Transfer of Skills to Choice Books

Resource 10 – Examples of Realistic Fiction Book Club Annotations and Analysis

Resource 11 – Choice Read or Class Novel Check-In: How Do You Know They’re Really Reading?

Resource 12 – Reading Notebook Rubric Sample 1

Resource 13 – Reading Notebook Rubric Sample 2

Resource 14 – Reading Notebook Rubric Sample 3

Resource 15 – Sample Essay Assignment, Outline, and Rubric Using Choice Book

Resource 16 – Sample Literary Analysis Essay Assignment for Choice Book


Naomi book talk video

Violet book talk video

Eighth-grader book talk

Teacher modeling what not to do in a conference

Teacher modeling what to do in a conference