Chapter 4

Online Resource 4.1 For school mental health, SAMHSA partnered with the University of Maryland’s National Center for School Mental Health and the MHTTC national network to develop a National School Mental Health Curriculum and the accompanying School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation (SHAPE) System to help schools develop or strengthen their school mental health services support teams.

Online Resource 4.3 Degree of Control Example [PDF]

Online Resource 4.4 Implementation of Ideas to Alleviate Teacher Stress [PDF] 

Online Resource 4.5 30 ways to bring self-care and mindfulness into your classroom

Online Resource 4.6 Mindful Teachers' Self-care Resources

Online Resource 4.7 UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) offers free guided meditation recordings

Online Resource 4.8 Mindful Schools has online mindfulness and implementation courses.

Online Resource 4.9 Explore resources created by the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative

Online Resource 4.10 Assess the strength of your school’s trauma-responsive programs and policies. Complete the 20-minute evidence-informed Trauma Responsive Schools Implementation Assessment to find out and learn ways to improve your school’s responsiveness.