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Part 1. Balanced Assessment Systems and Student Learning

Activity 1.1: Formative or Summative?

Activity 1.2: Embracing the Vision of a Standards-Based School

Activity 1.3: Discussing Key Assessment Concepts With Faculty

Part 2. Five Assessment Actions for Balance and Quality

Activity 2.1: Conducting an Assessment Audit

Activity 2.2: Deconstructing Standards Into Classroom-Level Achievement Targets: Practice for School Leaders

Activity 2.3: Indicators of Sound Classroom Assessment Practice

Activity 2.4: Assessment for Learning Self-Evaluation

Activity 2.5: Local Assessment System Self-Evaluation

Part 3. Individual Leadership Actions for Balance and Quality

Activity 3.1: Merging Local and State Assessment Systems

Activity 3.2: Implementing the Written Curriculum

Activity 3.3: Verifying Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Assessment Competence

Activity 3.4: Communicating Learning Targets in Student-Friendly Language

Activity 3.5: A Rubric for Sound Grading Practice

Activity 3.6: When Grades Don’t Match the State Assessment Results

Activity 3.7: Should Teachers Be Held Accountable for Assessment Competence Through Evaluation?

Activity 3.8: Using School/District Policies to Support Quality Assessment

Activity 3.9: Auditing for Balance in Classroom Curriculum and Assessment

Activity 3.10: Assessment Leadership Success Indicators

Activity 3.11: Action Planning for Assessment Balance and Quality