Lessons should be memorable and engaging. When they are, student achievement increases, behavior problems decrease, and teaching and learning are fun! In 100 Brain-Friendly Lessons for Unforgettable Teaching and Learning K-8, best-selling author and renowned educator and consultant Marcia Tate takes her bestselling Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites one step further by providing teachers with ready-to-use lesson plans that take advantage of the way that students really learn. Readers will find   

  • 100 cross-curricular sample lessons from each of the four major content areas: English/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. 
  • Plans designed around the most frequently taught objectives found in national and international curricula.
  • Lessons educators can immediately replicate in their own classrooms or use to develop their own.
  • 20 brain-compatible, research-based instructional strategies that work for all learners.
  • Five questions that teachers should ask and answer when planning brain-compatible lessons and an in-depth explanation of each of the questions.
  • Guidance on building relationships with students that enable them to learn at optimal levels. 

It is a wonderful time to be a teacher! This hands-on resource will show you how to use what we know about educational neuroscience to transform your classroom into a place where success if accessible for all.

From Chapter 4:

K-2, Lesson 1: Splashes of Color Activity

K-2, Lesson 3: Word Building Chart

K-2, Lesson 5: It’s All in the Details

3-5, Lesson 4: Personal Narrative

3-5, Lesson 6: Character Traits

3-5, Lesson 7: Bubble Chart

From Chapter 5:

K-2, Lesson 1: Number Bonds

K-2, Lesson 2: Assessment

K-2, Lesson 4: Shapes

K-2, Lesson 5: Make Equal Parts

K-2, Lesson 6: Measuring Blocks

K-2, Lesson 8: Pattern Block Paper

3-5, Lesson 1: 100 Chart

3-5, Lesson 1: Pattern Block Spinner

3-5, Lesson 2: Shapes in Shapes

3-5, Lesson 9: Make a Game Room Floor Plan

3-5, Lesson 10: Map Locations on Coordinate Plains

6-8, Lesson 6: Problem-Solving Roots

6-8, Lesson 6: Problem-Solving Roots, Answer Key

From Chapter 6:

3-5, Lesson 2: Glyph Key

3-5, Lesson 9: The Element Song

From Chapter 7:

K-2, Lesson 1: Add Your Title

K-2, Lesson 1: Service Project 1

K-2, Lesson 1: Service Project 2

K-2, Lesson 1: Service Project 3

K-2, Lesson 1:  T-Chart

K-2, Lesson 7: Martin Luther King, Jr. Book Template

3-5, Lesson 2: Biography Research

3-5, Lesson 5: Flip Book

6-8, Lesson 1: Compare and Contrast

6-8, Lesson 1: Character Map

6-8, Lesson 5: 3-2-1 Strategy

6-8, Lesson 6: Tri-fold booklet

6-8, Lesson 7: Compare and Contrast Chart

6-8, Lesson 7: Graphic Organizer, Main Ideas

6-8, Lesson 9: Circle Summary


Brain-Compatible Lesson Plan (Word)

Brain-Compatible Lesson Plan (PDF)

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