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Chapter 1

QR Code 1.1 “I Wish You Bad Luck” [Video]

QR Code 1.2 Parenting Tips – 10 Ways to Stop Entitlement Parenting [Video]

Chapter 2

QR Code 2.1 What Is Scaffolding? [Video]

Chapter 3

QR Code 3.1 Glenn Derry [Video]

QR Code 3.2 What Is Flow Theory? What Does This Mean for Our Students? [Video]

QR Code 3.3 John Stossel – Free Range Parenting [Video]

QR Code 3.4 The Curse of “Helicopter Teaching” [Video]

Chapter 4

QR Code 4.1 Nick Vujicic [Video]

Chapter 5

QR Code 5.2 Interview with Carol Dweck [Video]

Interview with Carol Dweck Transcript [PDF]

QR Code 5.3 Rethinking Giftedness [Video]

Chapter 6

QR Code 6.1 Walter Mischel Explains His Marshmallow Test [Video]

If/Then Plan [PDF]

QR Code 6.2 What is MINDFULNESS and How Do You Do It? Cosmic Kids Zen Den [Video]

QR Code 6.3 How to Make Good Choices: Mindfulness for Kids Cosmic Kids [Video]

QR Code 6.4 Mindful Schools: Room to Breathe [Video]

QR Code 6.5 How to Introduce Meditation to High School Students [Video]

QR Code 6.6 Deliberate Practice: The Science of Peak Performance [Video]

Chapter 7

QR Code 7.1 Effective Feedback (Animation) [Video]

QR Code 7.2 Effective Feedback Without Marking – Nick Coles [Video]

QR Code 7.3 The Pygmalion Effect [Video]

Figure 7.3 Effective Feedback [PDF]

QR Code 7.4 6 Teacher-Approved Tips for Faster, More Effective Feedback [Video]

QR Code 7.5 Descriptive Feedback Techniques Part I [Video]

Chapter 8

QR Code 8.1 How Intrinsic Motivation Differs From Extrinsic Motivation [Video]

QR Code 8.2 Alfie Kohn on Oprah [Video]

QR Code 8.3 Dr. Beth Hennessey Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation and Creativity in the Classroom [Video]

QR Code 8.4 The Puzzle of Motivation [Video]

Chapter 9

QR Code 9.1 There’s a Cell Phone in Your Student’s Head [Video]

QR Code 9.2 Emotional Intelligence Author on Why Cultivating Focus is Key to Success” [Podcast]

QR Code 9.3 Diane Sawyer’s Preview of Her Screen Time Special on ABC [Video]

QR Code 9.4 Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? [Video]

Common Sense Education

QR Code 9.5 Author Judy Stoffel on Setting Screen Time Limits for Children [Video]

Tristan Harris TED Talk [Video]

Tristan Harris Interview on 60 Minutes [Video]

QR Code 9.6 Nature Valley – 3 Generations Commercial [Video]


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