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“As he did in Rigorous PBL by Design, Michael McDowell has once again produced an invaluable resource for educators who are striving to empower students to fully develop their own expertise and self-efficacy. Developing Expert Learners provides the practical means—through planning tools, research-based strategies, teaching practices, and special features—to enable teachers to maximize student learning at the surface, deep, and transfer levels of complexity. By integrating ‘The 5Cs (Clarify, Challenge, Check, Communicate, and Cross Contexts) as guiding actions for developing student expertise’ into all unit and lesson planning, McDowell shows how these strategies can dramatically impact student learning. Classroom educators will find Chapter 3, ‘Planning for Impact,’ and Chapter 4, ‘Teaching for Impact’ particularly useful for creating and implementing their own roadmap to greater student self-efficacy. Chapter 5, ‘Collective Efficacy,’ presents a powerful framework that teacher teams can utilize to create their own beliefs and action steps to greater student learning.” —Larry Ainsworth, Author of Common Formative Assessments 2.0, and Learning Intentions and Success Criteria